Centument Review – SCAM OR LEGIT?

The Centument is a new and fully automated signals service by Gerald Reed, the head of Centument Ltd which is an investment firm. However, we’ve tested it for the last week, before the official launch & in this review we’re about to reveal whether the Centument is a scam software or not. Our review based on a few topics that we’ve measured during our tests & trades including the Centument clients support (which is the most important issue) & winning percentage (ITM rate) & whether the trading platform is a user friendly or not. Moreover, we’ll share with you our record regarding to our daily income whilst using the software. We have no doubt that this automated signals service is going to go viral these days & our full review is ready to cover these important topics that the typical binaryoptions trader have to consider before he makes a decision to invest his money on.

Centument App a SCAM

Centument Ltd and Gerald Reed:

The Centument Ltd is an investment firm that is based on the Wall Street market, the CEO is Gerald Reed who used to work in the Wall Street as a typical trader since he made to try his luck outside. Then he established a new & competitive investment firm based on his knowledge he had from his previous job. As mentioned, the company named Centument Ltd & it specializes in providing trading solutions for the big boys in the industry. However, we now have the opportunities (or the luck, you name it) to use it by the same principles that the big companies are doing for years.Centument App a SCAM or not

The Centument trading software:

This trading software is a new and fully automated signals service (auto trader) which is offered for free to the public, however, an initial deposit is required to activate your trading portfolio. The Centument Ltd endorsed by some of the biggest & famous companies in the financial market like Bloomberg & CNN, & here we’ve collected some of the quotes:

Centument Ltd in Bloomberg: “This is the new Crown Prince for trading software. …our account turned $250 into more than $12,000 by day’s end. …a whole new era for new traders.”

Centument Ltd in CNNMoney: “Centument LTD rolls out their new Assets Trading program, & it couldn’t come at a better time! THIS easy-to-use program will make the users very and VERY wealthy!”

The Uses and Benefits of Centument

While using this software, you cannot just trade with other traders in the market since you can also be able to learn from it. The benefits of Centument LTD software are as follows:

  • It has very high percentage of winning
  • Centument LTD are transparent as a whole
  • No experience or knowledge with other binary options trading are needed
  • There’s no any need for download since it is web-based that can also work in your tablets and smartphones
  • It can send you multiple signals a day. You can receive up to an average of 99 signals per day which is actually good enough in order for you to get quick cash

The Cons in Using Centument LTD Software

  • 97% of the users succeed using Centument even though we can’t say it is 100% guaranteed
  • You need to have a computer, smartphone, or tablet as well as internet access
  • Must invest time for this. For example: an hour a day

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