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VidPush Review


Your Videos + THIS Platform = UNBEATABLE TRAFFIC!!!

Videos are the future… That IS right! No doubting that. But you are mistaken if you think the future of video is YouTube.
Nope… that is the present. And it will change real fast.
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2 big names in the Internet Marketing world:
Cyril Gupta & Neil Napier are bringing your videos 40% more engagement on a platform that gets 8 billion daily video views!!

That is right! Introducing VIDPUSH!
Designed in keeping with the new FB algorithms for video marketing, it’s an exclusive formula which takes your YouTube videos & publishes them to FB natively so that you get 41% higher CTRs, 360% more views, 80% of all traffic on FB.



When you think of Videos, & if only YouTube comes to your mind…
… Allow me to tell you; you’re falling behind in your game.

The future of Videos is FB. Click here to find out how: AFF LINK

Social media superhero FB realized that they are losing traffic to YouTube BIG TIME!
FB can’t let that…
So Zuckerberg got up & running & decided that FB is THE place for videos!

He tweaked the algorithms so that the native FB videos would get more traffic & visibility than the shared YTube links! & he introduced several perks of videos on FB:

  • FB displays the number of views – see how your videos are performing.
  • Publicise your business name, address & contact details –Enable people learn more about you & build their trust!
  • ‘Tag’ your friends & fan following to promote business – Boost the level of interest in the video, & your business too.
  • FB can steer traffic to your site- Visitors who come to the site can be exposed to stronger marketing &, often, the option of buying goods & services.
  • The problem was that YTube safeguards its videos against further use by any other service.

An exclusive formula which takes your YouTube videos & publishes them to FB natively so that you get
41% higher CTRs, 360% more views & 80% of all traffic on FB.


NOW the numbers on your lists will SWELL!
Are your videos suffering from depleted lists due to low traffic?
Ever since FB changed it’s video algorithm, YTube marketers have taken a massive hit!
If you try to upload a YTube video on FB, it displays a message that warns you that if you continue, you would suffer less views & weak responses.
FB wants you to upload directly as it’d give more views than a YTube video!
Now that’s a great idea, but its execution isn’t so simple!
How does a YTube video make a native appearance on FB?

VidPush Info

VidPush Info

  • Creator: Neil Napier
  • Product: VidPush
  • Release Date: 2016-03-28
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click Here
  • Niche: Software

Here is what else VIDPUSH can do:

  • Search YTube for new videos automatically
  • Post to FB automatically
  • Draft Post And Schedule Uploads
  • Insert videos to queue automatically
  • Schedule with a minimum gap between posts (in a few minutes)

This is how VidPush operates:

1. It scans your YTube page for videos
2. Downloads them on the VidPush platform
3. Uploads your YouTube videos on your designated FB page as a native video!

So hurry up & grab VidPush NOW
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