What is Doodly

What is Doodly ?

Doodly tool is a powerful point & click on desktop package for windows & MAC PC that enables anybody to make doodle style video clips with a simple to use drag &drop interface.

Included is over 2 hundred custom “poses”, 30 scenes, 2 hundred props already drawn ,it also has the ability for you to transfer your own pictures. Doodly also is packaged with royalty free music that you can put in your very own animations.

Fully tested and make from the bottom up, Doodly tool allows its users to create unlimited videos right from their desktop for their own promotional needs.

It’s time to take doodling to a whole new level!

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How Doodly works

Doodly’s tool makes it possible for you to make doodle images & animations on blackboard and whiteboard style backgrounds. Like this:

The software also has images & backgrounds included ALL drawn by the developers & even includes the draw paths for every image:

With Doodly Jimmy Kim & Brad Callen give you have the ability to make any creative animation dream come true. With all of the images given you can customize size, location, & image levels to make any story you want!

You then can see a preview of your creation & watch it being drawn into overlay that looks incredibly realistic and ready to be put into a story. You can even customize the draw time, zoom, & audio sync.

The final product is crisp, bold, & as realistic as possible!

In Doodly tool you can also easily add text to your drawings via text boxes. You can very simply type what ever text you want & manipulate it however best fits your story! You even have the option to customize the speed of the draw path for really awesome & cool effects.


Jimmy Kim & his team have put in royalty free music & sounds, that of which can be put into your animations at any time. You can also upload your own audio, and customize it easily with the sound bar at the bottom of the screen.


Doodly tool offers many different options for exporting depending what you are looking for. You can export you are videos in 360p, 480p, 720p, & stunning 1080p, you can also customize the Frames each second as well as overall quality of the video clip. Since Doodly tool is a desktop app every video you make can be saved directly to your PC with ease, rather than on the web or in a cloud.

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